Tegan & Sara – BWU

Tom: Our reader, Alan, sends this in, saying it’s “one of the best tracks off their recent album”.

Tom: Now, that’s not a message you hear from a song very often, and it’s a good one.

Tim: Yeah, I can see why people might go for that – and your right, it’s not very common, though I’d say it’s more likely just that it’s not a widely-held enough view to be worth singing about.

Tom: The chorus is catchy, and manages to get an appropriate amount of happiness and wistfulness to match the lyrics. I can’t remember the verse, but then if you can remember the verse after one listen, then you’ve basically got a number one hit on your hands.

Tim: Or certainly one that deserves to be.

Tom: Maybe it outstays its welcome a little; but that’s always a problem when you’re trying to do a song like this. Nicely done.

Tim: Indeed. Did annoy me that it took me a while to work what BWU stood for, mind.