I Grow Paper Wings – Run

“I’ve been having such a great time listening to it.”

Tim: As September drags on and Tesco begins to run out of pineapples, it seems that tropical house may be drying up, for the time being at least. Given this, and the fact that this track is more than worthy of kicking any special feature out of its way, let’s skip a tropical Friday this week, and have this.

Adam: Wow, that might be my favourite track I’ve listened to so far while helping out around here.

Tim: Hooray! Because I too think it’s one of the best tracks. Beautiful dreamy synthy pop from an act who’s otherwise known as Jenny Gustafsson.

Adam: I had a little listen through the other songs on her Soundcloud profile and it’s all rather euphoric.

Tim: The best type of music, really. I think one of the things I like most of it is the lack of your standard structure to it. I know I complained not long ago when a song messed around with it, but here it’s done so…playfully is the word that springs to mind, that here I’m not bothered by it.

Adam: You just can’t make your mind up can you? It also features a half time breakdown that you didn’t like when it was utilised in another track we listened to recently.

Tim: Yeah, but there it was back and forth in the chorus, while here it’s in the middle eight, or what passes for one, where everything’s expected to be stirred around, and it works so well as part of that, and with everything else that’s happening it just seems to fit. That carries over to the lyrics – it is just one batch repeated a few times, but the production underneath is so lovely and enjoyable that I have no problems forgiving it.

Adam: I’ve been having such a great time listening to the track that I haven’t really payed that much attention to the lyrics. Perhaps her lyrics are something that she can work on. If you have a read through her website you can see she aspires to make music with meaning. Actually I think she thinks she is accomplishing that already, at least for herself.

Tim: Then good for her. And good for us as well, when it sounds this excellent.

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