Robbie Williams – Love My Life

Tom: It’s time to follow the pattern of Robbie singles! Bash out the weird one to get attention first, follow it up with a regular affirming ballad that’ll play on Radio 2. Bodies, then You Know Me; Candy, then Different. Party Like A Russian, then…

Tom: Yep. Boxes ticked.

Tim: Boxes ticked indeed, and that’s a song I want to sing to my parents every time they tell me I should get a better job.

Tom: Of course, they’re very good boxes, and this’ll deserve its inevitable playlisting on Heart. That said: could that chorus not get kicked up another notch or two?

Tim: Ooh, I don’t know, it’s bigger than I thought it’d be in the lead up to it. You really want more from it?

Tom: It’s a tough balance to get: add more distance between the verse and chorus, and you could find yourself losing the listeners during the quieter parts. But here, his voice seems a bit buried in the mix.

Tim: Hmm, possibly – but those two combined are an argument for tonight down the instruments, so I’d avoid that. It’s interesting that he switches the reassuring vocals from second person in the verses to first person in the chorus; yes there’s the initial “you’ll say to me” so narratively it makes sense, but it’s still a tad jarring. Mind you, it’s the chorus that people will remember and sing. Well, if it hangs around, anyway.

Tom: Lose those weird ethereal synths, give the vocals a boost, add… I don’t know, maybe a brass section for the final chorus? It’s close, it’s just not a classic.

Tim: Well, I’d never turn down a brass section, but I think it works as it is, particularly when he jumps up an octave in that last chorus. That bit’s lovely.