Saturday Flashback: Dan Black – Symphonies

“England had just drawn with the USA in the 2010 World Cup.”

Tim: When we looked at Ida LaFontaine’s track this week, you pointed out that the backing beat of Umbrella was a standard GarageBand loop. I remembered a bit later that I actually knew that, because I noticed it when this sublime piece of work appeared.

Tom: Oh good heavens, that is the Umbrella beat, isn’t it? No-one else can use it for anything else now. That said: good choir sounds, good strings; maybe a little downbeat but it’s a nice track.

Tim: And that’s been one of my favourite tracks for quite a long time, largely because of the exact moment it reminds me of – England had just drawn with the USA in the 2010 World Cup.

Tom: That is a very specific memory. It’s not like it was a big moment.

Tim: No, but I’d been watching it in a bar with a bunch of other British folk I worked with (in a Canadian call centre), and it was a fairly dull match so after that we grabbed a load of beer and a variety of savoury snacks and spent a lovely afternoon on a very sunny and warm beach, with music like this playing. Good times.

Tom: I’ve got tracks like that: I’m fond of them because of what’s associated with them, not because of the track itself.

Tim: Great times, in fact, and that’s why I love this track.