Tove Lo – True Disaster

“One of the strongest pre-choruses we’ve had for a while.”

Tim: I’d warn about naughty words coming up, but given the sentiment I don’t think she’d really want me to.

Tim: Well, let’s start with docking a considerable number of points for “I can’t hide my feels”, but then quickly add points back again for pretty much all the rest of it.

Tom: Really? On what grounds?

Tim: We’ve got one of the strongest pre-choruses we’ve had for a while, and that chorus melody is repetitive enough, but not unpleasant enough, to get stuck right in and be enjoyable.

Tom: Ah, it just doesn’t work for me: a bit too repetitive, a bit too monotone. Mind you, I’m mostly just giggling at the album being called “Lady Wood”, so you know, my opinion’s not worth all that much right now.

Tim: Oh, right. Well, it’s my favourite Tove track for a while, and I’m very happy she’s back on top.

Tom: Hurr.

Tim: Boy, you really do just keep coming with those today, don’t you?