Nova Miller – Add A Little Fire

“And oh BOY, does the chorus stand up here.”

Tim: Here’s a nice little number for you, written for a TV programme but stuck online anyway.

Tim: The verses are a bit tedious, but like we said yesterday some songs can manage that as long as the chorus stands up. And oh BOY, does the chorus stand up here.

Tom: Really? It sort of washed over me. I think it’s that insistent, repetitive drum pattern that gets me: it feels way too loud in the mix. Sure, the chorus stands up…

Tim: It stands up, presents itself for inspection in newly ironed clothes, and announces its appearance with a slightly ludicrous but much appreciated key change; just in case we hadn’t got the message the first time, it then provides a very ludicrous but hugely appreciated key change the second time round.

Tom: Mm. The first word that came to mind about that key change was “unnecessary”.

Tim: I don’t know, I’d say it’s just a whole lot of fun. Shame about the verses, and even more of a shame that it ends before what would surely have been a wonderful middle eight and a glorious final chorus or two, but I’ll take what we’ve got.

Tom: Yep. It’s missing something. There’s a beginning, lots of middle, and