Robin Stjernberg – Rain

“He’s got a new track out, with quite the novelty.”

Tim: An e-mail arrives, “I’d like to introduce you to Robin”, so clearly from a dedicated fan of the site. Nonetheless, turns out he’s got a new track out, with quite the novelty.

Tom: That could go one of two ways.

Tim: Not a bad novelty, though, because that’s some GOOD trumpet work right there.

Tom: That’s not the least euphemistic thing you’ve said in a while. You’re not wrong, though: the high bar’s set by Let Me Entertain You, and while it never gets that close, it’s certainly not to the track’s detriment.

Tim: And, in fact, a good track all over. It keeps almost threatening to verge into tropical territory, particularly at the start, but knows when to draw the line and instead goes all in on the brass. An excellent decision, particularly (and perhaps unsurprisingly) in the middle eight and beyond, with the percussion, the guitar, the trumpets, the vocals, and probably a load of other stuff I’ve missed, all mixed together nicely.

Tom: Reckon we’re on our way to a 2017 full of brass-house music?

Tim: Works well for me – not sure I’d take an album of it, but as a one-off it’s great.