Martin Jensen – Solo Dance

“Hey, it’s another Galantis-a-like!”

Tim: Hey, it’s another Galantis-a-like! Ish, take a listen.

Tim: Curious video given the song’s message, really, showing at is a whole load of people all very happily dancing in a group, but never mind that.

Tom: It’s not like they’re all doing their own choreography, either. I mean, it’s still impressive dancing, but yes, you’re right.

Also, full marks to Martin for managing to pretend he’s actually doing something on the decks all the way through the video.

Tim: It’s a fun song, and who won’t like that? It is, really, a song that you might want to dance in a group to, so maybe the entire song’s wrong OH I DON’T KNOW. Either way, it’s danceable, it’s a good style, and all round I don’t think I’ll complain.

Tom: And it’s basically Galantis. They’ve had a lot of influence.