Kygo & Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me

“It’s just a shame about Kygo’s bit.”

Tim: For me, Selena Gomez fits in with a number of artists like Dua Lipa, Fifth Harmony and The 1975: artists that are around a lot, mainstays of the Radio 1 playlist, and that I know I’ll probably like if I started consciously exploring them, but never actually do. Fortunately, this one has Kygo on it as well, so I picked it out and listened to it.

Tom: I did much the same a few days ago, Tim, and then decided it was a bit too dull to send you. Listening to this again, I disagree with my original opinion, because there’s a lot going on.

Tim: There is indeed really quite a lot to dissect here: from the opening light guitar and gentle vocal, through to the more aggressive piano and chanting, the instrumental breakdown where it gets a bit messy and then the combination of parts (b) and (c) to form part (d), before going right back to the start.

Tom: Right, and here’s the thing that I’m realising on a second listen: the messy instrumental bits are the dull bits. The Selena Gomez bits are beautiful — and I know that chord progression under “when you’re drunk and all alone” is a cliché, but it’s one that still has an affect on me. It’s just a shame about Kygo’s bit.

Tim: You’re not wrong there, and in fact to be honest, I do question the wisdom of putting them all in the same song – I think there’s a reason they only go back to the first bit once. My favourite area’s unquestionably the second, with it being easily singable and energetic, so I’m a tad disappointed it got relegated to minor pre-chorus status; on the other hand, I won’t hold that too much against it, because like I said – the rest is good as well.

Tom: And a song that’s entirely about “you know all those things about love? sod ’em” is a song with a message I can get behind. I just want to hear it before Kygo got his hands on it.