Robin Stjernberg – Feed On My Love

‘It’s a mix of “eww” and “hurr”.’

Tim: Just ten days ago we were saying how we couldn’t remember much about Robin’s single releases – here’s a new one for you to try. Oh, and if you’re about to point out that ‘Feed On My Love’ sounds a bit dodgy…

Tom: I was.

Tim: …see if you can make it through the first verse.

Tom: It’s a mix of “eww” and “hurr”. I wonder if the translators did that deliberately?

Tim: Well it’d have been the lyricist, not a translator – but I really don’t know.

Tom: Good melody in the first verse, though: and even the quiet bits are melodic enough.

Tim: We’ve also a big chorus, there’s no denying that, and as for the rest of it? Well, there’s heft in that piano line, and the backing vocal, but it really is all about that chorus, and the contrast that silence beforehand brings.

Tom: And a heck of a voice too.

Tim: Indeed, and all in I rather think it works. I don’t think it’ll go down in history, but it’s definitely a track to be reckoned with, and it’s enough for me.