The Sound of Arrows – Beautiful Life

“This is so much of what I wanted.”

Tim: It has been SIX YEARS in the making, but we now have new music from the triumph of a band that is The Sound of Arrows.

Tim: Now I don’t know if this is just because I’m so happy that a new track has come along, but oh this is so, well, beautiful.

Tom: And here I am just wanting to sing “Dancing Queen” over the chorus.

Tim: Those strings! The swooshing around in the background! The piano intro that exists in the full length version that’s on your streaming services! The gentle vocal! The fabulous simple message of the whole thing!

Tom: Yes, I thought you might be enthusiastic. It’s… it’s a bit Lighthouse Family, though, isn’t it?

Tim: Oh, please, no. I’m fairly sure I am definitely getting slightly overexcited here, but it’s been such a long wait, and this is so much of what I wanted.

Tom: I’ll admit I love string sections, and yes – there’s nothing particularly wrong with it. It’s not something I’d get excited about, but then, The Sound of Arrows never really were for me. For the fans, though?

Tim: Fingers very much crossed for an album, or at least another track that’s less than six years away.