Drifters – Om Du Fick Se Mig Gå

“Dansband! Oh, it’s been ages. I’m looking forward to this.”

Tim: Drifters, a Swedish dansband who I thought we’d featured more than just the once we actually have; anyway, here’s their latest. No video, alas, but here’s a live performance.

Tom: Dansband! Oh, it’s been ages. I’m looking forward to this.

Tim: Tom, before I get started I’ll tell you and our reader that I’ve just watched the Line of Duty finale and so am properly pumped full of adrenaline; that may or may not have quite a lot to do with the fact that I shouted “OH, YES” when that chorus came along, and almost destroyed my brand new Lego Snowspeeder throwing my arms around.

Tom: That’s possibly the most Tim sentence I’ve heard in a while. For reference, I wrote this while a bit tired.

Tim: We don’t hear schlager like this very often any more, but oh doesn’t it just sound wonderful?

Tom: The opening verse confused me – it actually sounded like a modern song. And then the chorus kicked in, and I actually laughed.

Tim: The thing that gets me about songs like this, the one massive thing, is that they’re just so happy. I can’t find the lyrics online anywhere, but the title means “If You Saw Me Go” – that doesn’t imply a particularly upbeat song, but I can’t stop myself smiling.

Tom: They know exactly what their audience want, and they deliver it. This particular studio audience also sounds like they’re clapping on the 1 and the 3, but I’ll let that slide.

Tim: Particularly, of course, at the key change. The GLORIOUS key change. God, I miss this so much. So, so much.

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