Thomas Anders – Sternenregen

“Exactly what I wanted to hear from a Thomas Anders single.”

Tim: Shall we see what’s going on in Germany? Yes, we shall, and amongst other things there’s this.

Tom: Wait, I recognise that name. Thomas Anders, a little bit of research has just reminded me, was one half of astonishingly-popular-but-only-in-Germany duo Modern Talking. They were bloody amazing.

Listen to this, seriously, listen (and also, watch that incredible mid-80s video). Oh, wait, was that too 80s for you? That’s fine, after they split up and got back together, they made an EVEN BETTER nineties remix.

Tim: Oh. Oh, that is good.

Tom: They eventually split up again in 2003, which… wow, turns out that’s fourteen years ago. Damn. Anyway, even if this is only one half of the group, I’m still looking forward to this.

Tim: Excellent. And by the way, if you’re wondering why the fan-made slideshow is all spacey, it’s (probably) because the title means ‘Starfall’.

Tom: YESSSSSS. It’s like Modern Talking became a bit more, well, modern. And schlagery. Yes.

Tim: Starts off bringing back memories of Bad Romance, quickly finds its own comfortable zone, and then doesn’t really let up; I’m fine with that.

Tom: Is this great or innovative music? No, of course not. It is, however, exactly what I wanted to hear from a Thomas Anders single.

Tim: I mean there’s a reason it hasn’t broken out of Germany, even if you ignore the lyrics, but damn, I do love this stuff. I can’t find the lyrics anywhere online, annoyingly, so I can’t confirm that’s it’s basically German Wordsworth, but I’m sure they’re as deep and meaningful and they sound. A work of art, truly.