Chloe Adams – Never Been Kissed

“Blimey, that’s good”

Tim: The curse of every female pop-rock artist: positively or negatively, you’ll get compared to Avril Lavigne. And…

Tim: …here, I make that a positive thing, because that’s a good track, very good indeed.

Tom: Yep. When the chorus kicked in I actually said “blimey, that’s good” out loud. It’s like a pop-punk version of “Love Me Like You Do”.

Tim: To be honest there’s not a huge amount to say about it, other than: it’s a typical female pop-rock track, with all the tropes that brings with it, but they’re used very well, and I’ve absolutely no complaints about it. The verses work well, flow into and out of the strong chorus nicely, there’s a good build out of the middle eight – everything’s great.

Tom: There’s even the “drop down the backing and distort the vocals a bit” cliché. This could have come out at any point in the last twenty years, and I am A-OK with that.

Tim: Keep them coming, please.