Dolly Style – Moonlight

“We suddenly have high standards for them, don’t we?”

Tim: For all their slightly trashy and cheap beginnings, Dolly Style are rapidly approaching the status of Favourite Girlband for me, and so I am delighted to present to you their new one.

Tom: Given how much I despised their first track, I’m surprised that a) they’re still around and b) I’m actually looking forward to this.

Tim: Video kicks off by reminding us how good their previous one was, before getting right down to business.

Tim: And I can’t help thinking that actually, that wasn’t the greatest idea, because Bye Bye Bby Boo was, for all the weird spelling, a phenomenally good track. This, other the other hand, is ‘just’ a very good track.

Tom: We suddenly have high standards for them, don’t we? That’s such a good chorus.

Tim: It is, yeah, with the music providing exactly the right level of excitement that the idea of a kiss under the moonlight warrants. My slight issue is that the verses don’t really keep that excitement up, dropping down to a slightly more melancholy tone. It’s right for the lyrics and story of the song – but it does mean the song as a whole isn’t as good as we’re reminded they can provide. And that’s a real shame.

Tom: Careful with that, Tim: it might be a “real shame” in context, but taken as a standalone song, this is still really good.