HRVY – Phobia

“It’s not entirely awful!“

Tim: Hey, remember HRVY, in whose debut track we could find nothing good whatsoever? WELL, apparently his contract didn’t include an “ABANDON SHIP GET OUT NOW” clause, as he’s back with a follow-up. And…

Tim: It’s not entirely awful!

Tom: It looks like they actually filmed in Times Square when it was quiet, which is a bold move, he must be up way past his b… sorry, I just got interrupted by the chorus, and it’s actually good!

Tim: Isn’t it? There’s energy to it, there’s a fairly decent melody, and the lyrics, while being based around an admittedly poor base concept, aren’t all that bad. In fact, I could actually see myself not skipping this if it came up on a playlist. I’m not sure I’d choose actively to listen to it, but I do genuinely enjoy the melody of the chorus.

Tom: It does a Thing near the end of the chorus — I think it’s probably a shift to minor key, but I don’t have the music theory to say what exactly — and it’s lovely.

Tim: Judge me if you want, but I’m glad he didn’t pack it in and go back to Instagram.