Samir & Viktor – Vi gör det ändå

“They know what they’re doing, and they don’t mind.”

Tom: They’re still going! And this is going to be studio singing as well, so it might be half-decent.

Tim: “We’ll Do It Anyway”, reckon the duo, as they celebrate 100 million streams in the video for their new one. Didn’t know that was a thing, but I suppose it makes sense, really, with streaming having vastly overtaken purchases (at least in Sweden – as far back as 2014, streaming made up 80% of all music revenue there).

Tom: Fair play to them for reading out negative comments in the first bit of the video. They know what they’re doing, and they don’t mind.

Tim: Full marks for laziness in the video, which seems to consist purely of unused shots from previous videos, which I think is even lazier than using tour footage – at least with that effort gets put in to film it. Here: nah, let’s let’s rummage through the trashed clips.

Tom: Hey, they could have just used stock footage that wasn’t of them. At least someone bothered to root through the files.

Tim: Hmm, I guess that’s true. Songwise, though: well, it’s what you think of when you imagine a typical Samir & Viktor track, really. Loud, brash, just musical enough to count as a song (with a lovely surprise key change in there).

Tom: Harsh. “Just musical enough” is pretty close to “not musical enough”, and this is at least a traditional pop song, and one that at least made me smile on the key change. For a song to get any emotional reaction out of me is rare, so I’ll give this one at least some points.

Tim: Oh, I’m not saying it’s bad, just similar – sure, there’s some difference in the styling, as we had between Fick Feeling and (the considerably superior) Kung, but overall, it’s like they say in the lyrics: “they said I couldn’t dance, I couldn’t sing, but I wanted to show them”. But it works. Just about.