Saturday Flashback: New Politics – One Of Us

“Slightly shouty vocal on top of the simple piano line”

Tom: So I’ll be honest, Tim, I’m sending this to you despite not being sure what it is. I’m on the road right now with very little internet connection and time, but you asked for a Flashback — and this is a song that, apparently, I thought it was good enough to ask SoundHound to remember when it came on the radio in the car the other day.

Tim: Well, if we’re talking ‘sounds like’, I’m going with My Chemical Romance – specifically, the stellar Welcome To The Black Parade, with the slightly shouty vocal on top of the simple piano line, later replaced by an electric guitar. And for what it’s worth, back when it came out and I was in uni, I played that entire album many, many times over, so I think that’s no bad thing.