Donkeyboy – Kaleidoscope

“Discount Phil Collins going into the first chorus”

Tim: With advance warning that the video has one of those irritating bits where the song cuts out for no reason: here’s the first one off Donkeyboy in aaaaaages!

Tom: The Discount Phil Collins going into the first chorus works surprisingly well—

Tim: I’m sorry, WHAT? I…I don’t even know how to respond that.

Tom: —although I’m really not sure about the choice of synth patch that follows. The composition’s good, I’m just not sure about the production. And as for that video cutout…

Tim: It’s a bit unfortunate, really, because with the exact placement of it at the end of the final chorus, all it really does is draw attention to the fact that there’s thirty seconds of largely instrumental stuff that isn’t strictly necessary. Those thirty seconds are good, though, as indeed is pretty much all of the rest of the song – in fact, listening to the song rather than watching the video, I absolutely love this.

Tom: There are moments of absolute genius in here — the start of the pre-chorus — but I’m not convinced about all of it.

Tim: See, I am. It’s Donkeyboy doing what they do at their very very best, and that’s good.