Rachel Platten – Perfect For You

“That’s… that’s an album track.”

Tom: Fight Song became an anthem. Stand By You was one of the best pop songs of last year (at least, I reckon so; the world disagrees). Lead track off the second album: is she going to keep up the Big Powerful Inspirational Singles?

Tim: Please – please – tell me this isn’t a Betteridge.

Tim: Oh.

Tom: Oh. No. No she’s not. That’s… that’s an album track. The half-spoken pre-chorus is poor, the chorus itself is anaemic, and while that bassline and percussion underneath often threatens to become interesting, it never actually does.

Tim: Right. That build comes up, and then…nope. Nothing. Nada.

Tom: There’s one bit of greatness in this song: the very last couple of seconds of the middle eight, that build and whoop. That greatness is then squandered immediately by the chorus. Let’s hope for something better soon.