Rita Ora – Anywhere

“That chorus melody makes it all so good.“

Tim: First up, a look at the parish notice board, where we see that three lovely Christmas songs came out last Friday, of varying quality, and I would dearly love nothing more than to write about them right now. However, Tom, since you’re in sunny California as I write this…

Tom: Close enough.

Tim: …it’s probably best if we leave those for a while. We’ll have this instead, then, Rita’s new one, as it too is really rather good.

Tom: From the line “over the hills” and onwards, that is excellent. Blimey. And then it goes and does a second good thing, going all Alan Walker-knockoff.

Tim: Hmm, ish – yes, most of it is bloody brilliant, but it’s that Alan Walker knock-off that stops me loving it unconditionally. I’d much prefer it there if the post-chorus was toned down just to an instrumental, or at the very least had been assaulted with a slightly less unwieldy vocoder.

Tom: Yes, to be fair, they clearly didn’t get Alan Walker for this. But ah, that chorus melody makes it all so good.

Tim: Doesn’t it? I don’t have a single gripe whatsoever with any other part of the song – it’s just fantastic, and I absolutely love it. So even with my one complaint, I think this song is excellent, and wonderful, and glorious. Super super duper.