Saturday Flashback: Marco Borsato – Dromen Zijn Bedrog

“Brilliant, in that 90s sort of way”

Tom: One more from my recent Dutch trip, still off the station that translates to “100% Netherlands Party”, and this time going all the way back to 1994. Frankly, I could send you anything off their playlist, but this one stands out: one of the most popular Dutch-language singles of all time.

Tim: And yet by a singer next to no-one outside the Netherlands will have vaguely heard of. A cruel industry, this.

Tom: I think you’ll be on board from about the time the 90s-synth piano arrives in the intro.

Tom: Listen to that guitar. It’s like they wanted Santana, but couldn’t look outside the Netherlands.

Tim: Well, I think that’s a perfectly acceptable alternative – certainly gets the job done, because that’s really quite the noodling going on there.

Tom: I don’t know how this track simultaneously manages to sound brilliant, in that 90s sort of way, AND yet manage to outstay its welcome a bit at only four minutes long.

Tim: Yeah – I had the exact same reaction. It’s good, and I like it, but I’d have no problems whatsoever chopping out the first middle eight/chorus pairing.

Tom: I am genuinely wondering if there are club nights in the Netherlands that still play this rubbish, because I would totally go to one.

Tim: Oh, Tom.