Sia – Rainbow

“Well, that went a bit Mr Tumble.”

Tim: So, the Trolls movie gave us the perfection that is Can’t Stop The Feeling.

Tom: Which was a grower: I remember listening to Justin Timberlake at Eurovision and thinking “aw, man, why did he have to bring the new stuff”? And then.

Tim: And then indeed. Question for today, though: will we get anything as good from the My Little Pony movie?

Tom: The what now.

Tim: You heard.

Tom: Well, that went a bit Mr Tumble. That’s not just a lazy “kids show” joke, genuinely all I can hear in that chorus is the nursery rhyme.

Tim: Yeah, there’s not a lot to love, is there? I mean, it’s Sia, so it’s never going to be an entirely bad track, but I can’t help thinking that the ponies prancing around with their “YASS QUEEN” attitude is the most entertaining part of that video. It’s a decent chorus, sure – again, it’s Sia, so anything that makes prominent use of her vocal is going to sound fantastic. But as for what it does with that voice…ehh, not so much, sadly.

Tom: It’s a Generic Movie Song. Very few artists bring their A-game to that, unless it’s a Bond theme. This is not a Bond theme.