Walk The Moon – One Foot

“A spectacular amount of energy.”

Tim: So, with Different Colors and Shut Up And Dance under their belt, it was always going to be tricky for Walk The Moon to come back for their second album. Here’s the first track from it, and, well, there’s more than one moment in here that makes me go OH YES.

Tim: The main one, you can probably guess, was the loss of the instrumental and the shouted “one foot in front of the other” before the first chorus. It’s a cheap trick, and not remotely original, but when it works: man, it really works.

Tom: You’re right about that — and they’ve arguably solved the problem of how to bring the modern two-chorus dance-pop structure into a slightly more credible track, too. What else did you like?

Tim: An opening verse that’s “yeah, this’ll do nicely”…

Tom: And which, arguably, owes at least a tip of the hat to Jason Derulo, but at least they didn’t sing their own name at any point.

Tim: …a pre-chorus that ramps things up well and includes the trademark ‘wooo-oooh’s, and then that single “IT’S HERE” line. As with Friday’s track, I don’t know how much is dependent on my mood before hearing the track – hopefully not too much – but after finishing the track I pressed play again, and when the chorus came round again I had my hands in the air clapping along.

Tom: Yep. There is a spectacular amount of energy in this song, which I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised by.

Tim: I’ll be honest: if you told me last week that it was two years since their album dropped, I’d say ‘YOU WHAT’, but yes it has, and now they’re back with this, and HOT DAMN I’m alright with it. Don’t think I’ve ever in my life said HOT DAMN before, but apparently this track requires it.