Full Of Keys – Don’t Look Back

“Isn’t it fantastic?”

Tim: No spoilers for this; just press play and don’t read too far ahead until– well, you’ll know the bit. The big bit.

Tim: Isn’t it fantastic?

Tom: It sounds like a Madonna chorus that I never heard before. Yep, I will give you that: “the big bit” is good, particularly when the choir come in.

Tim: I was enjoying it a fair amount from the off, although it wasn’t until the chorus came along with that lovely backing and the vocal that verges on operatic at points that it really got me. After that, well, the second verse kept me hooked, introducing to us a nice string backing, then the chorus starts up again, and then, oh, AND THEN.

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard — actually, it was last week with This Is Me, but before THAT — a long time since I’ve heard a choir used so well. Not overdone, but just brought in as a little bit extra to push the song up with, a way to keep the song moving forward, and sound just marvellous.

Tom: It’s a shame about the middle eight, and — if I’m honest — about the melody line and the composition. The production and vocals on this are excellent, I just wish it was a slightly better song.

Tim: Hmm, not far off what you said last time we met her. And you’re not wrong about the middle eight – but the rest is MARVELLOUS, I tell you.