ISA – I.S.A.

“If this isn’t a song about tax-free savings, I’m going to be disappointed.”

Tim: You may remember Isa from two and a half years back when she did Hairspray at Melodifestivalen, or any number of other tracks we’ve featured of hers; back catalogue notwithstanding, though, she’s chosen to do an introductory track.

Tom: If this isn’t a song about tax-free savings, I’m going to be disappointed.

Tim: I skimmed past it the first time I heard it, but then it got sent in anonymously describing it as “once again further evidence of Sweden doing Pop better than anyone else”, with a hands in the air emoji, no less. So here it is, for your judgment.

Tom: I actually startled a little on that opening line.

Tim: And, well, I’m still not entirely sold on it. The biggest problem is that after hearing it a couple of times the biggest thing I can remember from it (and so much that it pushes pretty much everything else) is that single chorus line “Isa is my name”, which is (a) a bloody stupid lyric and (b) almost entirely lacking of melody.

Tom: I know I’ve said this before, but: if you’re going to have a repetitive chorus line, it had better be a work of absolute genius. This… is not.

Tim: Sure, there’s a bit of fun sax in there, and I’m sure there’s some other stuff as well – but I can’t for the life of me remember it.