Sigrid – Strangers

“Blimey, that starts well.”

Tim: New one off Sigrid, who had that slightly notable Don’t Kill My Vibe a few months back, which we never got round to covering. Here’s her new one.

Tim: Here, I’m confused – I’m in two minds. I can’t decide whether most of the song is fine and the ending is just an overflowing mash up of nonsense, or if the ending finally brings enough of what the song needs to work fully.

Tom: A completely different conclusion from me: blimey, that starts well. That introduction and first verse are absolutely beautiful — moody, promising, well-composed. I’m sure I’ve heard those dark-sounding synths somewhere before, but I don’t mind at all: they’re used very well.

And then there’s a great chorus too! Admittedly by the end it started to lose me — four minutes is perhaps a bit too much — but this worked for me throughout. It’s good!

Tim: Well, a few listens in, that’s what I’m coming round to: there’s a third option where actually most of the song is pretty good, and then while the ending might be a tad messy, it’s overall a perfectly decent tune. In fact actually yes, I think it’s that third option. Nice one.

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