Steps – Dancing With A Broken Heart

“But the video, blimey.”

Tim: Their only single release this year that we’ve not covered, basically because the song’s not that great. The video, on the other hand, which I’ve just discovered, is, well.

Tim: I mean I say the song’s not that great, it’s certainly not bad – like so much of their 2017 comeback, it’s a surprisingly high standard for what it is, which here is a fourth single from the album; even if most of it’s not hugely exciting, it’s immediately raised 20 points when that key change appeared out of nowhere.

Tom: It’s definitely An Album Track, and that key-change wasn’t so much ‘deserved’ as ‘needed’.

Tim: But the video, blimey.

Tom: It’s like some sort of goth pantomime.

Tim: I don’t know what futurologists they’ve been speaking to, but that’s hardly a dance floor I’m looking forward to getting on. Simultaneously overcrowded and spacious, pouring with rain and set on fire, weird makeup and normal dress, it paints quite an unusual picture. And with that and the key change, I’d say it’s well worth a feature.