Charlie Puth feat. Boyz II Men – If You Leave Me Now

“It is good at what it is meant to be.”

Tom: I wouldn’t normally touch Charlie Puth’s high-pitched low-effort pop whining with a bargepole—

Tim: Ooh, that’s a bit…

Tom: (and if you think that’s harsh, you didn’t have to hear Attention on US radio stations every damn hour while in California).

Tim: Oh, fair enough.

Tom: But that’s a hell of a “Feat.” up in the title, so I gave this a listen.

Tom: I expected a Boyz II Men song. I got a Boyz II Men song. And somehow that made it all okay. Because they are still going; they are still, I think, the best at what they do; and while this is still a long way from the Europop we once set out to talk about here, I think it’s still a good track for its genre.

Tim: Hmmmmmmm….yes. I mean, I kind of have to agree with that, because it is, but it’s also, for me at least, throughly dull. But yes, I will grant it that it is good at what it is meant to be.

Tom: Yes, maybe it’s a minute too long. Yes, maybe a few more beats per minute would be a good idea. And, yes, of course we’d both prefer it if someone added a banging donk to it.

Tim: Well, obviously.

Tom: That said, it’s got a key change and a middle eight, so I’ll take it.