Justin Timberlake – Filthy

Tom: I didn’t get Can’t Stop The Feeling on first listen. It seemed like a bit of a mess. But it grew on me, and now it’s one of my favourite songs of… well, huh, 2016? Man, that stuck around. Anyway, here’s the new one.

Tim: Is that…is that a song about an orgy? With the ‘your friends, my friends, and they ain’t leaving til six in the morning’, and then ‘put your hands all over me…what you gonna do with all that beast’? Because, well, I mean I get the attraction, but come on, it’s January, we’re all still heavy from Christmas and to be honest you’ve got me feeling a bit queasy right now.

Tom: I mean, that lyric’s straight from Gin and Juice, but sure, I know what you mean. Better hope this is a grower, anyway: because this is a good one-minute intro and first verse stretched far, far too long.

Tim: Yeah, let’s just move on. Quickly please.