Hanne Leland – Carry On

“Huh. I think bikinis flying off would have been better.“

Tim: “Carry On is about finding strength to move on in the midst of chaos,” says the email, and how with a world that’s running down we can find a way to keep living, by finding strength and unity with each other. Ain’t that nice?

Tom: I thought it was about bikinis flying off.

Tim: Well, that as well.

Tom: Huh. I think bikinis flying off would have been better.

Tim: That chorus is…weird. Not necessarily bad weird, mind, because there’s a lot there, it’s loud and vibrant would describe it nicely. Just, weird because I can’t quite work out what’s going on. Her voice is rising, and it dips – and then does it come back, or is it just synths, or copy and paste, or what?

Tom: You mean that irritating klaxon-esque sound in the background? It knackered the song for me, but it’s is also a sample from her voice. At this point, the line’s so blurred that I’m not sure it matters any more: synths, copy and paste, or both.

Tim: Perhaps true. I’m guessing it’s the last, because that same section is repeated several times without the buildup, but hearing it all at once makes it sound a bit like she’s harmonising with herself, which doesn’t quite sit right with me.

Tom: I’m more startled that this is under four minutes long. I felt the song had overstayed its welcome even before that last chorus.

Tim: I don’t know, the rest’s nice, powerful and stuff. I think. I don’t know, I was a bit distracted.