INA feat. Dark Pink Stars – Gimme Gimme

“Who does a harmonica solo?”

Tim: So, remember when it was announced that we were sending the potato waffle jingle to Eurovision, and everyone was all “what the hell is this, is a great big mess of nonsense?”

Tom: I still think there was a decent idea in there somewhere, it just got knackered by committee. I’d love to hear what the demo track sounded like. You’re not wrong, though, it was a mess on the night.

Tim: Well I kind of think this might have had a similar reaction.

Tom: I fly like paper, get high like planes. Sorry, got distracted there.

Tim: Ha, God, no idea how I missed that, but it really is, isn’t it.

Tom: This isn’t actually headed to Eurovision, though?

Tim: No – admittedly it’s only the three minute length that got me even thinking Eurovision, but it’s still a bit of a weird one.

Tom: Not least because there’s another song from last year also called Gimme Gimme, also by Inna — just with one more N. You’d think someone would have noticed.

Tim: Fair point. The thing with song is that there’s no real genre you can place it in, with that chorus that leaps in at the start like someone being rude at a bus stop being a little bit shouty and then the verse that comes along having a lovely melody, but then we’re back to the shouty chorus, except now it’s got a slight tune to it, and then the verse is back and lovely, and now the song has matured enough that the chorus can be forgiven for immediately giving way to a harmonica section because it follows that up with an outstanding dance beat part and by the end it’s all sounding brilliant and this sentence should end soon like round about now.

Tom: That is a terrible sentence, not least because you skipped over the incredibly brave harmonica solo.

Tim: Well I did mention it, actually, but I can forgive your attention drifting.

Tom: Who does a harmonica solo? I’ve got to respect the chutzpah, if not the actual sound of it.

Tim: I like the song.

Tom: Yeah, weirdly, so do I. I still want to sing Paper Planes over the verses though.