Esther Vallée – Hardcore

“A chorus that sounds like someone’s trying unsuccessfully to light a gas hob.”

Tom: In a world where “Clubland Extreme Hardcore 5” is a valid title for a compilation CD, and where Scooter are “Always Hardcore“, it’s a bold choice to use that one word as your song title.

Tim: It is, but Esther say that “for me, to be hardcore means to be unbeatable and let yourself be driven by what you want the most. To not escape the hard things in life, but instead dare to be hardcore on home turf.” Interested?

Tom: So, not Scooter, then?

Tim: Sorry, but no.

Tim: Behinds the scenes FUN FACT for our reader: I’m writing this just a couple of minutes after writing about Friday’s track, and man alive did that get me in the mood for this, because what a chorus this is.

Tom: I was going to comment about that. Same sort of thing — a strandard pop-song verse, and then into a chorus that sounds like someone’s trying unsuccessfully to light a gas hob.

Tim: Well I guess if nothing else I have to give you points for creativity with that line. The song reminds me, to an extent, of Norway’s 2016 Eurovision entry, which at the time we said (justly) that it sounded like the chorus and verse were from two completely separate songs, with the verse being good pop and the chorus being heavy two step. This isn’t quite as segregated, but there’s certainly a fair change between the two parts of the song; I’m fairly sure it works, though. Well, certainly does for me, as I’m very happy listening to it.

Tom: I’m just worried about how much gas’ll go up when someone finally gets the burner to catch.

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  1. Is it legal to film a video by an altarpiece while turning your back to the Cross? Just asking.
    Best chorus of the year so far, btw.

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