MARC feat. Caroline Høier – The Way I Do

“That’s, like, maybe a bit bulky at most.”

Tim: Bit of hefty dance for a Friday, with a caveat: it’s the sort of genre I have to be in a particular mood for. Right now I am, so…

Tom: That’s not hefty! That’s, like, maybe a bit bulky at most.

Tim: You think? Even with that chorus? It’s not technically drum & bass, I suppose, but it’s sure as hell verging on it with the two step beat and the massive bass that comes along with it, and I really, really like it.

Tom: It is good, I’ll grant you that: it reminds me of a lot of older dance tracks, and I think I like it for that reason, rather than anything in itself. It’s never going to be a floorfiller, but it’s a good middle-of-the-playlist track.

Tim: It’s got decent amount of pop mixed in with the verses, and a smidgen of euphoric in the mix, and while that makes for a hell of a journey, it also seems to make for a hell of a good track, in my eyes and ears.