Miriam Bryant – Black Car

“Is she bathing in Bovril? I think she’s bathing in Bovril.”

Tim: You might have heard this before, as it was first released a couple of years ago, when it was very successful in Sweden, and won an award and everything. Bored of just being popular in Sweden, though, Miriam wants to go international and has chosen this to launch herself, bringing a fancy video along for the ride.

Tom: Is she bathing in Bovril? I think she’s bathing in Bovril.

Tim: Blimey, you must like your Bovril thick. Anyway, the titular black car is meant to represent “the place we met – the club we always go back to and where we had our first kiss”; I don’t quite get that myself, particularly not the way she’s smashing it up and burning it in the video, but I guess it’s her song so she gets to decide.

Tom: Anyway, that sounds like a lot of modern indie music. Switch the vocalist for someone with a northern British accent and you’ve basically got half the line-up for Glastonbury.

Tim: Yes, and I guess that might be why I like it – it seems immediately familiar, but not in a sense of “they’ve nicked this from…” but more in an “oh, yeah, this is right” sense. It’s gentle, it’s flowing, it’s almost reassuring, and I’m really quite enjoying it.