Saturday Reject: voXXclub – I mog Di so

“There’s a Schuhplattler! There’s Alpine music! There’s what seems to be an accordion-based dubstep-esque breakdown!”

Tim: Germany had a pretty good showing this year (I’m thinking that next year I might rate each country by their ratio of “songs I would choose to hear” to “songs that make three minutes feel like a decade” – here we had two thirds good, slightly beating Denmark’s 60%).

Tom: I loved Germany’s song last year, but it finished nearly last.

Tim: I loved it to, but to be fair, it was basically Titanium, so it was hardly going to win votes. Still, that is a tragic table.

Tom: I don’t hold out much hope either way — what did they throw away?

Tim: This song never stood much of a chance with juries involved, but you know how we all loved Busted back in the day because they were basically just three lads having the time of their lives?

Tom: Oh boy.

Tom: Hahahahaha that’s incredible and ridiculous and I love it. And, clearly, so do they.

Tim: Oh, yes. To start with, the music put me off a bit, but the lighting kept me watching because I’m me, and then it went big and I liked the music and also the new lighting, and then the chorus happened and I burst out laughing and I was hooked. The song is utterly glorious. Lyrically the song is, well, “you’re perfect like this” and it’s not hugely complex, though it does involve brief instructions for dancing the tango, and education’s always nice.

Tom: There’s a Schuhplattler! There’s Alpine music! There’s what seems to be an accordion-based dubstep-esque breakdown! They’re… Tim, they’re doing the German version of Electro Velvet.

Tim: Oh, that sounds harsher that I’m fairly sure you meant – though, in terms of just plain bonkers, it’s kinds of matches up. I was somewhat surprised to find out that these guys are a semi-serious established band, as they very much have the air of a few guys who got pissed one evening and thought “hey, this’d be fun”; on the other hand, they do look like they are there to have fun and to make everybody else have fun as well. Because deep down, we are all that guy in the red T-shirt.

Tom: And perfect like this.

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  1. “accordion-based dubstep-esque breakdown” is a phrase i never thought i’d hear but here we are

    oh and germany last year was… ok
    that’s it it was ok
    then again i absolutely adored the winning entry so my opinion doesn’t count

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