Steerner – I Wouldn’t Lie

“I can’t think of anything else like this”

Tim: Steerner, a Swedish producer; uncredited vocals from Eurovision’s Robin Stjernberg; and this song, an unusual sort of dance/old school rock mix.

Tom: Huh! As that started to build, I was pleasantly surprised — you’re right that it’s an unusual mix.

Tim: So I’m a good 80-90% sure that works, because the mix between the two genres is handled fairly well, twisted vocals taking the place of electric guitars for the first post-choruses and then everything chucked in together and working nicely for the closing section, with double vocals and everything.

Tom: They’re taking the place of guitars! That’s what sounds strange. I can’t think of anything else like this, and the fact that I’m not immediately turning away from something that’s new is a sign that this is a really good track that I just haven’t got used to yet. Blimey, that last chorus is something special, though.

Tim: It really is, and in fact the whole thing is kind of what I was hoping for with Stronger when we featured it last week – big chorus, then a dance breakdown. The mix works well, the production is good on both sides, Robin’s vocal sounds a great fit, and all in all it’s a song worth having. Nice one.