Maja Francis – Girl Is A Gun

“Enough to get in your head but not quite enough to grate.”

Tim: You may remember Maja from a couple of months ago; I do, because I wanged on unduly about the use of camcorder fonts in lyric videos.

Tom: I don’t remember Maja, but I do remember your font rant.

Tim: The important stuff got through, then. Well, she’s back, and so is the font.

Tim: Now, last time you described the track as “a discount CHVRCHES”, which I guess could still be said here, but it does seem a bit unfair. Just because a song isn’t as good as the best output of the best in the genre, it doesn’t have to be described as an automatic negative.

Tom: True, I think that’s mostly because of Maja’s vocal quality: I don’t hear it as much here.

Tim: Good, because this is a really good track, and stands up well on its own.

Tom: Agreed: it’s a good chorus, repeated enough to get in your head but not quite enough to grate. I’m not sold on everything about it, but there’s certainly nothing unpleasant here.

Tim: From the moment it started I had an “ooh, yes” feeling, and that kept going right through to the end. I like it.