Rayne feat. Manda Malina – Hurricane

“Something that’d get picked by a national selection committee and sent straight to the Contest.“

Tim: Rayne’s a producer off America; Manda’s a singer off Sweden; Hurricane’s “a song about the constant battle in yourself when you want someone that you know is bad for you and you know you need to let go.”

Tom: Should I Stay Or Should I Go, then.

Tim: Not really, no. I mean, yes, but, oh, just listen.

Tim: Now, this is going to sound a bit harsh, but I genuinely mean it as a compliment: chopping out a few bars and rude words here and there, I can imagine this at Eurovision.

Tom: Huh, you’re not wrong there. Put like that, this seems like less of a song and more of a Statement. It’s something that’d get picked by a national selection committee and sent straight to the Contest.

Tim: Yeah, that sort of thing. Possibly not doing very well, or perhaps doing very well indeed, but it comes with the exact sense of drama that could be adapted incredibly well for the stage (helped, no doubt, by that video). Probably not coming from Sweden, or any of the standard ‘big’ countries – more somewhere like Macedonia, Estonia, Ukraine.

Tom: You know what? If it stood out in a field of Unremarkable Ballads, this could do well there.

Tim: Right – I’d sure as hell vote for it, because that chorus is flipping brilliant. I downright love this.

Tom: I’m not quite that enthusiastic, but at least it’s not an Unremarkable Ballad.

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