Sannex – Faller

“Dansband Friday?” “Dansband Friday!”

Tim: Dansband Friday?

Tom: Dansband Friday! Seriously, it may not be cutting-edge pop, but when you send over something like this, it’s generally going to make me smile.

Tim: For a good week or so after it was released, this Swedish band’s song didn’t appear on YouTube; I gave it one last search yesterday and now it’s turned up! I put an exclamation mark there because, despite it starting out with a twanging banjo, it’s something to celebrate!

Tom: I’m glad you warned me about the banjo. That managed my expectations nicely, so I was pleasantly surprised when the guitars kicked in. Sometimes uncomplicated, by-the-numbers music like this can just be… nice, y’know?

Tim: I’m not sure which way round it is, singer or recipient – tediously, the lyrics don’t seem to be online anywhere – but it’s talking about one of them falling for the other, which funnily enough is exactly what Wes said to Laura on Love Isla–

Tom: NO.

Tim: Ugh, fine, but just know that Cupid hates you. Whatever the case, it’s sounding very, very good: I hardly need to tell you what my favourite part is (and oh, it works so so well), but even without that it’s top stuff. The verse is consistently above average, the pre-chorus ends with a perfect lead in to an even better chorus, with a fabulous hook and all backed up by great instrumentation (particular incredibly specific highlight: the descending electric guitar bit at 1:44).

Tom: It is absolutely unchallenging, it’s pleasant to listen to, and sometimes that’s all I need.

Tim: I loved this the first time I heard it; I still love it now six weeks on.