Saturday Flashback: Chicane – Saltwater

“Presumably taking inspiration from Scooter’s Back In The UK.”

Tim: Why? Because I heard a sample of it on an advert of a Ministry of Sound compilation CD, and remembered it’s bloody brilliant.

Tim: Also, musical education time: the foreign language vocal is a sample from a TV show theme tune, with Chicane presumably taking inspiration from Scooter’s Back In The UK.

Tom: I don’t think… you know what, sure, yes, okay, fine, let’s go with that.

Tim: The show in this case was Harry’s Game, a drama about Northern Ireland in the 1980s…

Tom: Yes! And if their sound is familiar, it’s because Enya was part of their group until she went solo.

Tim: When the theme was released as a single itself in 1982 it became (and remains) the only song ever to have charted in the UK sung entirely in Irish Gaelic. and was for several years the song that U2 closed every one of their live gigs with. TRUE STORY.

Tom: By which you mean they played it after the lights came up and the crowd were leaving. Bono didn’t suddenly go falsetto. Although that would’ve been great.

Tim: It really would.