M-22 feat. Medine – First Time

“Whether you like it comes down, largely, to whether or not you like that post-chorus vocal.”

Tim: First unveiled in Sweden six months ago, but only now getting some international traction, most likely due to its summery and rather coconutty vibe. Added to that: a music video. This one, in fact.

Tim: Not a hugely exciting video, perhaps, but it’s nice to see a fair bit of effort nonetheless.

Tom: I mean, it’s not a hugely exciting track, either, is it?

Tim: I’m fairly sure that whether you like it comes down, largely, to whether or not you like that post-chorus vocal.

Tom: I have a suspicion that this might be a grower: there are a lot of good elements in here, and by the end of a first listen I’d got over a couple of my initial objections.

I still think it’s a bit dull, but then by the time of the build back from the middle eight I’d started to like it. Still not convinced about that vocal, or the chorus, or any bit of it other than the production, though.

Tim: I’ve grown to like it quite a lot, but I’m not sure if that’s because I’ve heard it a lot, both on the radio and as scene-setting music in summery TV shows. It fits nicely, really – fairly gentle, fairly laid back, perfectly for lazing around in the sun and not doing much to.

Of course, it’ll probably be around for ages, and still be getting played four months from now when it’s pouring with rain and not even slightly appropriate, but for the next month or so at least, it’s good. Really good.

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