Saturday Flashback: Nakatomi – Children of the Night

“I could RAVE ALL NIGHT to it.”

Tim: It’s mid-90s Dutch happy hardcore!

Tom: YES.

Tom: I listened to the intro of that, and thought “where have I heard that before”? The answer: this exact song, which has dredged up a huge amount of memories from when I was a teenager. (Also, a load of other places, because that’s a really obvious chord progression, but still.)

Tim: So I’ve Shazammed this twice in the past fortnight, partly because I’m forgetful, but also because it’s somehow ended up on the list of tracks that my work’s HomePod thinks we all really enjoy so plays it a LOT, and I LOVE THAT.

Tom: I haven’t heard any happy hardcore tracks in so long, and I think it’s going to be the soundtrack for my entire workday today.

Tim: Aw, good good. It never really troubled the charts over here, though it hit number 2 there on its 2002 re-release, so it’s not all bad news. I think, for me, it’s the delightful mix of ludicrous beats with an attempt at meaningful lyrics that I love so much, and the backing choir of kids at the end is the wonderful cherry on top. I could RAVE ALL NIGHT to it, and to be honest I would really quite like to.

Tom: Someone’s got to be doing retro raves these days, surely?

Tim: You’d think, wouldn’t you? But I honestly can’t find anything. I’ll let you know, though.