Wiktoria – Perfect Memory

“This had charmed me by the end of the introduction.”

Tim: Somehow, she’s still getting away with using Wonder Woman’s symbol as a logo; I’m not complaining, though, when the music’s this good.

Tom: Maybe I’m just in a really good mood or something, Tim, but this had charmed me by the end of the introduction.

Tim: Perfect memories are nice things when they come along, aren’t they? Probably aren’t many of them, but you look back every now and again, and you think, “yep, that time was good, and I would change nothing about it.”

I’ve got a few I can think of off the top of my head, and I’m fairly sure that if I had a voice that could even slightly hold a tune, and someone came along and said “I’ve written a song about them, fancy singing it?”, I’d be “hell yeah”, and I’d hope it could sound this great.

Tom: Each bit of this is individually… pleasant, I guess, is the word for it. At least until the first half of the middle eight, which doesn’t work for me, and actually, that “perfect memory” end to the chorus doesn’t work either. Augh. Okay, before I talk myself out of liking this, yes, it’ll do, it’s fun enough. Like you said, it sounds great.

Tim: I mean, it has to sound great, really, because that title’s a lot to live up to. But it does – it’s happy, it’s loud, it’s summery, and basically it’s a bloody brilliant pop song. Nice one.