August, Kuur, Paperwings, Wolfhowl – One Last Time

“Hold it…hold it…hold it…THERE”

Tim: Whole lot of nonsensical act names there, but August is the main one – he’s a dance guy off Norway with a fairly decent track record, even though we’ve never actually featured him before. Let’s change that, so here’s his latest.

Tom: Well, that’s an intro that sounds like Snow Patrol. Fortunately, it didn’t stick that way.

Tim: Not sure why, but I seem to always like the effect that’s there with the group chanting with not much instrumentation.

Tom: It took me a while to work out what you mean — I think the term is “stacked vocals”.

Tim: Yeah, sounds about right. The first time I remember thinking YES with it was when Selena Gomez did it on It Ain’t Me, but it typically indicates a ‘hold it…hold it…hold it…THERE’ section, replacing your standard build to the chorus, and here I really think it works well.

Tom: And it’s a long build into that chorus, too; it pays off.

Tim: It has the added benefit of being followed up by what is indeed a pretty good instrumental chorus, and all in all I’d say these go nicely to make a pretty good tune. Right?

Tom: Right.