Ela – Universum

“It is EXACTLY what you’d expect from schlager-dance.“

Tim: Press play, and if you don’t have a smile on your face within two seconds I’ll provide a full refund.

Tom: It took thirty-three seconds (that classic schlager rising note), but you know what, that’s close enough.

Tim: There are twinkly bits! There are two euphoric breakdowns! There’s a bit at the end of each verse that sounds like Everytime We Touch!

Tim: It is EXACTLY what you’d expect from schlager-dance.

Tom: And as such, it’s just WONDERFUL. It is a true and proper BANGER, and it is in German so it automatically gains at least ten per cent – not entirely sure why that’s the case, but it does seem to make dance tunes sound better. This one, then: beautiful.

Tom: It loses some points from me because it suffers from the same complaint I always have: I can remember absolutely none of it as soon as it’s over. But despite that, this is a pleasant track, and I like it.

Tim: And it’s all nice and sunny in the video as well.