Little Jinder – Pinnochio

“Yes, she is singing what you think she’s singing.“

Tim: Little Jinder, a Swede who until today I’d never heard of, which now strikes me as really quite a shame. Lyrics are Swedish – summary: he lied, she broke up with him, now misses him, wishes he didn’t lie so much – except for part of the chorus, where yes, she is singing what you think she’s singing.

Tim: Bit of a weird line to suddenly jump into English for, but never mind.

Tom: You could have convinced me that it was just an unfortunate-sounding Swedish expression, but sure. I guess that (and the “ride or die” in the next line) are, like “bon appetit” or “schadenfreude”, just not the same in Swedish.

Tim: You can probably guess where I’m sitting with regards to this, with its Frida Sundemo and stoned CHVRCHES vibe, and you’d be absolutely right.

Tom: Yep, this is a pretty good track. And, lyrics aside, that’s a heck of a chorus.

Tim: I can, of course, identify flaws: it’s a repetitive chorus (although useful if you want to learn to count in Swedish), and that one English line does stick out annoyingly. On the other hand, the rest of it is so good that I really don’t care. This is lovely, and now I’m off to explore her back catalogue NO NOT LIKE THAT.

Tom: Well, that’s a new euphemism for me.