Sandro Cavazza – Here

“It’d be absolutely perfect for the closing emotional scene montage of a CW teen drama.”

Tim: Sandro has his back to the camera in this shot, which is a sad waste of a rather quite lovely face, but we can look at his last video for that – you may remember it, it got a little bit raunchy at points. This is veering away from the banjo and whistling entirely, in favour of something a little less chirpy.

Tom: I am simultaneously pleased and disappointed, which I didn’t think was possible.

Tim: Well, just wait until you hear the song.

Tom: I was about to say “that’s a slow dirge”, and then the first line of the chorus kicked in, and I liked it, and that confused me.

Tim: I’m similar, and it’s interesting because I’m not sure I’ve had this particular reaction to any other song: it’s both really quite a bit boring and simultaneously absolutely lovely to listen to, and I’m not sure what I think of that. It’s a nice melody, presented well, and those drum builds are all well and good – but they also make me think he thinks it’s significantly more interesting and varied that it actually is.

Tom: There are so many good parts in here, it’s a shame they don’t seem to make a coherent whole.

Tim: So it’s kind of nice as a backing track to something (it’d be absolutely perfect for the closing emotional scene montage of a CW teen drama), I’m not sure I’d choose to listen to it. Though I might Shazam it.

Tom: Harsh but fair.

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