Saturday Flashback: One More Time – Den Vilda

“It’s basically an Enya track.”

Tim: Eurovision, 1996. Ireland won, because it was the mid-nineties; Norway came second with a somewhat dull ballad; Sweden came third with its very own Enya.

Tom: Why on earth did you pick this, Tim? After last week’s firefighter-schlager* I was expecting… well, not this.

* I’m fairly sure there’s a single compound word for that in German.

Tim: That’s fair enough. Now, we’ve never featured Nanne Grönwall here, but you may recognise the name as she’s fairly prolific both as a singer (solo and as part of this technically still ongoing group) and as a songwriter; this is her only performance at Eurovision, though, along with husband Peter (son of ABBA’s Benny, incidentally) and fellow lead singer Maria Rådsten. It’s a nice gentle number, it’s calm, it’s…well, it’s basically an Enya track.

Tom: You’re right, complete with the string stabs in the background.

Tim: If you like Enya, you’ll like this, and if you like this you’ll like Enya.

Tom: I don’t like it!

Tim: And that’s absolutely fine, but it does what it sets out to do perfectly. I certainly wouldn’t peg it as a Eurovision top 3 nowadays, but twenty years back, sure, why not?

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    1. (it’s not so much that German has a compound word for anything as that German lets you make a compound word a lot more readily than English does so you can build your own even if there isn’t one)

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