The Ting Tings – Blacklight

“Today in ‘I remember them! Wait, they’re still going?'”

Tom: Today in “I remember them! Wait, they’re still going?”

Tom: I shouldn’t like this.

Tim: No. It’s bloody awful.

Tom: And, on a second and third listen, I almost certainly won’t. But I haven’t heard someone use those synths in a serious pop song in… well, probably since the Ting Tings brought their first album out, or maybe earlier.

Tim: Well, maybe, but…no. Just, no. There is one slightly redeeming part, which is that instrumental when the lyric video, if it can be called that, just plugs the album, and there’s some form of melody. But, regardless of the ingredients…really, no.

Tom: This feels like a 2000s track that’s somehow reappeared a decade later, and I think it’s…

Tim: Horrific, terrible, just plain noise?

Tom: …yeah, actually, you know what, I just tried to listen to it a second time and no, I don’t want to hear it again.